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What is the implementation process of the Saly platform and how long does it take?

The implementation of the Saly platform consists of several stages, including pre-implementation analysis (IT infrastructure, business requirements), platform configuration, integration with external systems, tests. We will keep you informed about the status of each of the stages. After the implementation of the platform, we will continue to keep in touch and jointly develop Saly’s capabilities...

How much does the Saly platform cost?

Depending on your business needs and individual requirements you have a choice of 3 plans: EASY, PRO or ENTERPRISE. You will pay for the implementation of the platform (one-off) and a monthly fee for available modules.   A detailed price list of the system can be found here: https://saly.pl/en/pricing/.

What do I need to start using the Saly platform?

Firstly, you have to decide which version you want to use: EASY or PRO.   In the PRO version we integrate the platform with your ERP system and provide access to advanced modules such as: sales agents, customer groups, Business Intelligence, virtual grouped products.   While working with Saly EASY, you enter data manually and...

How to set up the platform?

We will do it for you. You start managing product data and content on a configured platform.