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Improve product data quality and reduce costs of

Work with product information in the Saly B2B e-commerce platform – a single source of truth for your offer.

Product management. Minimise inaccuracies when providing product information.

Centralize all product data. The question "where is the description and photo of product X" is number 1 in your company? Most product information is stored in managers' heads or in the marketing department? Thanks to the PIM module, all product data: prices, stock levels, photo, SEO descriptions, etc. are stored in one place. You lower labour costs and improve product information search and modification.

Multilingual support. Present your product range in multiple languages.

A B2B platform with a PIM module not only helps to reduce expenses on paper materials and achieve the status of an environmentally friendly company, but also enables global expansion. Saly is fully prepared to expand your company's product range with new product categories to further foreign markets. Adjust product information to the needs of your target market. Product information, SEO descriptions, attributes can be entered in multiple languages.

Product families. Present all product variations in an attractive and comprehensive way.

Your product is available in ten variations that differ in individual parameters? With Saly, you can present them all on one product card, providing a great Customer Experience. Your customers see all combinations of product variations with their specifications, prices and stocks. They can quickly select the number of products they need in the right configuration and easily place an order.

Product experience. Provide complete product data both in-house as well as for distributors or retailers.

Structured product information management. Everyone in and outside the company knows the same thing about the products – all data is comprehensive and consistent. This way you increase the conversion rate and reduce returns. Rich product data more effectively convince customers to place orders and reduce the number of wrong purchasing decisions. Increase customer loyalty with a comprehensive product database.

Open API. Quickly exchange data between systems.

No more editing of product information in several places! Ensure consistency and work on up-to-date data from corporate databases, your e-commerce platform or ERP system. Update information in one place and save time on manual input. Distribute fully configured product information to other key channels. With an open API, you can freely interact with other systems, saturating them with relevant product information and responding quickly to the needs of your B2B customers.

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