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Make the right decisions based on

Business Intelligence for wholesale. Monitor, forecast and react to sales falls or deviations.

Business Intelligence. React promptly to sales drops.

Monitor, predict and react to sales falls or deviations as they occur. Business Intelligence enables effective and accurate planning, budgeting and reporting. It learns customer behavior so that you can optimize sales activities and monitor increases and decreases of sales KPIs.

Intuitive B2B sales management centre. Have everything at your fingertips.

You have access to complete and up-to-date information about contractors, transaction history, products, trade terms, etc. Manage all content in the Customer panel, publish new entries, add products in any variant. Daily work is more enjoyable and efficient if you have everything at your fingertips.

User-friendly dashboards Perfect visualization of sales data.

The most important information is always at hand – on the main dashboard. Turn your observations and hypotheses into accurate sales recommendations. Detailed information on orders and activity in a selected time period will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your company's sales effectiveness. From now on, your sales team can make accurate, data-driven decisions.

Customer order analysis. Draw valuable conclusions from historical data.

Day-to-day support for sales representatives. Full order history provides a complete overview of the relationship with each customer. Detailed information on customer activity will reveal the average value and frequency of their orders and which products are bestsellers.

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