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Paper to digital. Don't waste your budget on printed catalogues.

Nowadays, business customers demand convenient, intuitive solutions – the ones they use on a daily basis as consumers. When buying on Ebay in their free time, it is difficult for them to go through the tedious search for products in a printed catalogue. Clear presentation of the offer, responsive design, easy switching between products and searching are the pillars of a good B2B customer experience today.

Loyalty program. Drive B2B customer engagement.

How to motivate B2B customers to buy online? Your customer's employees can join a loyalty program and accumulate points in a shared wallet. When placing an order via the B2B e-commerce platform, your customer=TIN earns a certain number of points. These points can later be redeemed to pay for a part of the order according to the reward exchange rates you configure.

Promotions. Inform your customers about the best deals.

With the marketing module in the Saly B2B eCommerce platform you can easily manage your promotional banners. Display high-resolution banners to inform customers about seasonal sales, promote bestsellers or products you want to boost sales, or even use them as a branding element for your platform. As a result, you can increase the number of orders and ensure excellent Customer Experience.

Enterprise search engine. Gets to understand your customers from the first character.

Provide a good customer and user experience with convenient filtering and searching of products in the catalogue. Saly's internal real-time indexing search engine will always cope with this task. It doesn't matter whether your customers enter numbers with or without a hyphen or make a typo. The Enterprise search engine will look through your product database, determine the accuracy of the results and respond to each query.

SEO. Benefit from advanced search engine optimisation of your B2B platform.

Make sure your offer is easy to find in search engines. Use relevant keywords in your product descriptions, categories, homepage and articles for which you want to rank high. Our intuitive SEO module is here to help. You can easily optimise your product URLs and align the meta title and meta description with the subject of your page, which will help you achieve high positions in organic search results.

Newsfeed. Share the latest news from your company's life.

Content marketing is king, also in B2B. Create relevant content to engage and build trust among your potential customers. The news tab in your B2B system is also the perfect place to build your company's expertise in the field you operate in. Publishing articles becomes a pleasure thanks to an intuitive, dedicated CMS with a built-in SEO module.

E-marketing. Reach new customers thanks to the platform's full compatibility with Facebook and Google.

An everyday work of a marketer without a configured and working Facebook pixel, Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts? We can't imagine it either! That's why Saly is fully compatible with Facebook and Google's advertising and analytics systems. So marketing and sales can run smoothly.

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Marketing features in a B2B ecommerce platform are a must-have for your business?