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Hello, I am Grzegorz Czernecki. I have been coordinating the B2B sales department at morele.net for two years. A year ago we decided to implement a B2B platform for our business clients. We opted for Saly, which is available in a SaaS model. We are now in the post-implementation period and I was asked by the Pure Interactive team to share some insights on how the collaboration went during the platform implementation and why we chose a completely new software on the market.

About the company

History of morele.net began in 2000. Since then, we have become one of the largest online computer hardware and consumer electronics retailers serving the B2C market. In our offer, which consists of almost one million products, customers can find computers, laptops, computer components, accessories, electronics and home appliances at the best prices.

Observing the development of the B2B sales market, we were not left behind. We decided to expand our business and start selling products to business customers.

The morele.net website service is characterised by a clear design and a modern UX, so the solution dedicated to selling to business customers had to meet standards both in terms of functionality and a finely designed interface for end-users.

Challenge 1. B2B is not the core business of morele.net

That’s why we had to seek external support. Our internal IT department, which handles key software for B2C clients, the mobile app and all integrations and enhancements, simply did not have enough time to build a new platform for us from scratch. In addition, we had a limited budget.

So I thought that a cloud-based B2B platform would be the ideal solution for us. So I started looking for a ready-to-use product that could meet our high expectations in terms of functionality and UX.

While searching for available solutions on the market, we stumbled upon Saly. The people behind the software were the main factor that influenced our decision. Pure Interactive’s experience with renowned brands and the solutions developed so far showed the potential that Saly has. These factors were decisive in choosing a completely new software in the B2B e-commerce provider market.

A clear range of products thanks to the extensive category trees

Challenge 2. Extensive product database

A positive customer experience is what counts for our customers. In other words, the software supporting the sales process must be intuitive, fast and always return the right results.

The Saly B2B platform copes perfectly with this challenge. To give an example, the import of our product database of nearly 190,000 items took just 7 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised that data migration to the B2B platform did not have to take several hours, as other SaaS solution providers had predicted.

Customers value our shop for its wide range of products, but manually clicking through the full assortment can be quite a challenge for the end user. We understand that for some of our customers, a more convenient way to find a product on the platform is to type its attributes or keywords into a search engine.

This is why it is so important for us to provide an internal search engine that quickly goes through our entire database and reacts promptly to each customer ‘enquiry’. Using Saly, it doesn’t matter whether our customers type in a product name with a typo or use a SKU code.

User-friendly filtering and catalogue search in practice

Challenge 3. Complex integration of several systems

Over the 20 years of morele.net, we have collected a significant number of systems supporting internal process management and customer service. We decided that we need to work on a single data stream. So we set an ambitious goal for the Pure Interactive team to integrate Saly with the entire morele.net IT environment.

Our B2B platform was integrated with ERP Comarch XL together with our own panel standing behind morele.net. Thanks to this solution and integration using our existing mechanisms, we can automatically synchronise more than just product records or stock levels. Our customers have access to all their orders and payments regardless of their source. It doesn’t matter whether the order was placed by email or via Saly. Full omni-channel support has given us clear control over trade credits, for example.

The results? Our business customers and employees always work on up-to-date data, without having to switch between different corporate system Full Integration ensures fast and efficient work and minimises the occurrence of mistakes. Nobody has to manually enter this information into the B2B platform.

We always present current stock levels and prices of our products

Challenge 4. Individual price lists

Last but not least. It is worth mentioning that another equally important functionality of our business platform is the effective management of our pricing policy.

Thanks to Saly, we can define and provide individual price lists according to our commercial policy, not only for a single business customer, but also for customer groups. This functionality helps us to meet the different needs of our customers.

How does the Saly B2B platform help Morele.net serve its business customers?

Analytical dashboard provides a complete overview of the relationship with each client

How do I see our future cooperation?

I expect us to continually develop the morele.net B2B platform, enriching it with new dedicated modules. We also plan to carry out several additional integrations, which I will cover in another case study. A big plus for us is that we don’t have to worry about the maintenance and security of the platform’s IT infrastructure. Pure Interactive takes care of all these aspects.

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