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Benefit from B2B e-commerce features that

Individual price lists. Present key information for logged-in users only.

You provide users with two levels of access to your B2B e-commerce platform. In the non-logged-in version, Saly can function as a company website with an open product catalogue for all interested parties. For key customers, you offer a logged-in version - a customer panel with visible product prices and the ability to place an order.

Multiple basket management. Your customers place their orders as they wish.

Increase the value of your customers' orders by managing multiple baskets. Your customers can create several orders at once and send them to different addresses. The B2B purchasing process is lengthy, so picking orders can take up to several days. Don't worry – we save in-progress baskets and store them on the platform for life.

Quick orders and backorders. Automate B2B ordering and customer service.

Quick order entry allows customers to copy and paste or upload a list of items in CSV and XLS format. They can quickly add products and finalise their purchase while checking stock levels and prices. One click is all it takes to re-order.

Product bundles and upselling. Increase the value of your orders by offering complementary products.

Suggest additional products to your customers that complement their order. The recommended items will appear when the product is added to the basket. Saly will also help you promote discounted bulk packages. We provide many customisation options – all in line with your company's sales strategy.

Wish Lists. Customers create special sets of products for their needs.

Product collections allow your customers to select their favourite products from an extensive catalogue and create dedicated e-catalogues (wish lists) which can then be used for their own purposes. Full control by the department manager when preparing collections. He assigns his employees different permissions to operate within the platform, determining who can manage collections and who can place orders. The storage of any number of already generated collections allows the ordering process to be automated in the future.

Real-time indexing search engine. You customers quickly and easily find the product they are looking for.

Never lose a chance to sell. All new customers visiting your B2B platform for the first time look for products in the easiest way possible. No matter how they enter the product data they need – SKU code, description, name, whatever – the Saly real-time indexing search engine delivers the right results 24/7. Dedicated to extensive product databases and high traffic in the catalogue. Even with over 10,000 SKUs in the product database.

Analytics. Quickly draw conclusions on your customers' purchasing potential.

Turn your observations and hypotheses into accurate sales recommendations. Detailed information on customer activity will reveal the average value and frequency of their orders and which products are bestsellers. From now on, every sales manager can make accurate decisions based on data.

Sales materials. Customers generate high quality PDF files with 1 click.

Procurement or investment managers want to make it easier for themselves to present an offer to their team. Meet their expectations – let them create personalized product flyers or product collections dedicated to their business needs. With a single click on the online catalogue, they can generate and download a product sheet with full product specifications.

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