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Thanks to the Open API, you can freely

ERP integration. Keep your customers up to date with current prices and stock levels.

Consistent data is the key to prompt response and efficient customer service. Thanks to ERP integration, you always work on the same data flow, updated in real time. You determine the depth of integration yourself = what data you want to pull from the ERP system. You can integrate discount grids today and payments tomorrow, while maintaining continuity in your B2B customer service processes.

Saly integrates with key ERP systems

OpenAPI. Publish complete product information to key channels.

Optimise your work. Update information in one place and save time on manual data entry. With an open API, you can interact freely with other systems, saturating them with up-to-date product information and responding quickly to customer needs. Distribute fully configured product information in the Saly B2B e-commerce platform to other key channels (e.g. marketplace).

ERP integration is a must-have for your business?

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ERP integration is a must-have for your business?