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Something for everyone. Different levels of authorisation for

User permissions for your team. Organise employees' work within the platform.

Everyone in your company knows exactly what to do. Sales reps manage customer data (basic data, trade credit, price list) and orders (order editing, status change). The marketing manager takes care of the content accuracy (product categories, descriptions, specifications, media) in the online catalogue and in the news section. He is also responsible for the promotion module. The administrator has full access to all platform features and can set permissions for employees or change the default ones.
Zarządzanie uprawnieniami: prawa dla pracowników w platformie e-commerce B2B Saly
Zarządzanie uprawnieniami: prawa dla klienta w platformie e-commerce B2B Saly

User permissions for your customers. Empower larger players to allocate purchases to specific departments or regional offices.

Your key customer has a headquarters in Warsaw and 2 offices in other cities? Each branch has its own ordering needs. Provide him with more financial control and the ability to manage the account hierarchy for each branch online. Such a customer wants to set and smoothly control budgets and report on expenditure. This can be done by creating multiple users = accounts in the platform with specific ordering rights.

User permissions management within the B2B platform is a must-have for your business?

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User permissions management within the B2B platform is a must-have for your business?