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Benefit from B2B e-commerce features that

Provide your customers with a smooth management of sales quotes to their business partners.

The procurement manager can easily create individual product collections for the end customer straight from the B2B panel. Full control by the head of department during the preparation of proposals. He assigns his employees different permissions to operate within the platform, determining who can manage collections and who can place orders. The option to store any number of already generated collections allows the ordering process to be automated in the future.

Automate ordering and customer service processes. In as many languages and markets as you want.

You believe that in B2B, time is money? So do we. That's why we want you to minimize time spent on repetitive activities such as order processing and focus on sales development. You provide your customers with access to a digital product catalogue. Their individual discounts and price lists are already there. With the intuitive User Interface, your customers will quickly find the product they are interested in, add it to the basket and place an order. They can repeat this order with one click.

Present your products on both laptops and smartphones. Don't waste your company budget on printed catalogues.

Nowadays, business customers demand convenient, intuitive solutions – the ones they use as consumers on a daily basis. When buying on Ebay in their free time, it is difficult for them to go through the tedious search for products in the printed catalogue. Transparent presentation of the offer, responsiveness, easy switching between products and searching – this is now the basis of a good B2B Customer Experience.

Never lose a chance to sell. A search engine with real-time indexing will always find the products your customers want to buy.

Customers prefer and want to look for products themselves, even if they do not know the trade names (SKU). Saly's real-time indexing search engine will always cope with this task. It doesn't matter whether your customers enter numbers with or without a hyphen or make a typo. The Enterprise search engine will look through your product database, determine the accuracy of the results and respond to each query. Dedicated to extensive product databases and high traffic in the catalogue.

Work on reliable, up-to-date data imported from your ERP system (e.g. Comarch Optima).

Consistent data, from which conclusions can be drawn quickly, is the key to prompt response and efficient customer service. But what if two important systems, such as accounting, sales and warehousing, work side by side but not together? Thanks to integration you always work on the same data flow, updated in real time. No need to worry anymore that the actual state does not correspond to the information provided by the system.

Boost the value of your customers' orders thanks to promotional modules and multiple baskets management.

In B2B ordering platforms, functionalities and measurable business benefits count. Our goal is to provide you with the possibility to apply pro-sales strategies so that the order values grow and do not stand still. Offer your customer a product that complements his order. The recommended element will appear while adding products. Saly will also help you to promote discount bulk packs. There are many possibilities of personalization – all in accordance with the sales and marketing strategy of your company.

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