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Products are presented

Customers quickly and easily find the product they are looking for.

Present your full product range in a transparent way with the current retail price list. Ensure a good Customer & User Experience with convenient filtering and product search in a catalogue with real-time indexing. No matter how your customers enter the product data they need: by SKU code, feature, name - whatever - the Saly search engine provides the correct result 24/7.

With a single click, users can generate high quality PDF files, create product collections they need.

Procurement or investment managers want to make it easier for themselves to present an offer to their team. Meet their expectations – let them create personalized product flyers or product collections dedicated to their business needs. With 1 click in the online catalogue, they can generate and download a product sheet with full product characteristics.

Customers are informed about the best deals through a promotional module.

Promotions dedicated to a specific customer or customer segment? Discounts for particular products or product groups? Sure! Thanks to the marketing module in the PIM system Saly, it is easy to define and target individual promotional offers. As a result, you can increase the number of orders and ensure excellent Customer Experience.

Key features of PIM system Saly

Product data editor

Add descriptions, graphics, 3D models, product codes, prices, configurable products with product variations.

Multi-language support

Efficiently manage different language versions of the product.


Benefit from sophisticated system optimization for search engines.

Advanced product groups

Easily create product groups with common attributes.


Work on consistent data – connection to the ERP system, import of a stock items file.

Full control

Verify the completeness and uniqueness of the product.

Product information export

Export selected products to PDF.

Easy navigation

Quickly search and filter products in the system.

User roles in the system

Manage users and their permissions: supplier, brand manager, board members.

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