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Do I have to be tech-savvy to manage the Saly platform?

Saly platform features an intuitive interface and excellent UX, so you don't need any technical or IT knowledge to manage it effectively as part of your daily e-business activities.

Can I assign different levels of authorization to my employees?

Yes, in Saly you can create user groups and assign them different permissions to operate within the platform.   User roles:   Administrator – has full access to all platform features; Salesman – manages customer data (personal information, trade credit, price lists) and orders (order editing, status change). He can also place orders on behalf

Can the platform be upgraded with new features to meet my business needs?

Saly is a modern software built strictly in accordance with the requirements of the B2B market and provides all the necessary functions that allow companies to effectively serve their customers online. In addition to the basic functions, in the ENTERPRISE version we offer the possibility to implement customized solutions according to your business needs.

Do you perform data migration from my current B2B platform to Saly?

Yes, in PRO and ENTERPRISE plans we offer full support with data migration from other e-commerce solutions.

What is the implementation process of the Saly platform and how long does it take?

The implementation of the Saly platform consists of several stages, including pre-implementation analysis (IT infrastructure, business requirements), platform configuration, integration with external systems, tests. We will keep you informed about the status of each of the stages. After the implementation of the platform, we will continue to keep in touch and jointly develop Saly's capabilities

How much does the Saly platform cost?

Depending on your business needs and individual requirements you have a choice of 3 plans: EASY, PRO or ENTERPRISE. You will pay for the implementation of the platform (one-off) and a monthly fee for available modules.   A detailed price list of the system can be found here: https://saly.pl/en/pricing/.

Do you offer technical support and SLA?

SLA Yes, with the SLA you do not need to worry about possible failures and service unavailability! We guarantee 99.9% system uptime.   Ongoing support Sure! We provide standard support (via JIRA or e-mail) and dedicated support.

Where is the data stored? How often are backups made?

Servers Your data is secure. Saly.pl makes use of the most modern and secure Data Center in Central and Eastern Europe (located in Poznań) with the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification which guarantees the highest level of security in all four areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunications.   Back-up Everything is handled by our DevOps department.

Can the Saly platform run under my domain?

Yes, we just need to redirect the subdomain to our servers.